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Food Safety for Chinese New Year Group Cooking

Happy Chinese New Year! Corresponding with the first new moon of the year, it is also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival.
One of the popular ways to honor Chinese New Year is with a giant, family-style, reunion meal. However, this type of food service – where foods are left out for long periods – leaves the door open bacteria that cause food illness.

Food Safety for MLK Jr. Day Group Cooking

Preparing for a festive Martin Luther King Jr. Day event? During this special day, people will gather together in celebration and also enjoy tasty food. But, cooking for groups – where foods are left out for long periods – leaves the door open for bacteria which can cause a food illness.

Food Safety for Veterans Day Weekend Gatherings

Preparing for a festive Veterans Day weekend? Veterans Day celebrations and events thanks living veterans for their service – and people will gather together outdoors and enjoy various food.
But, when eating outdoors, remember that bacteria be more prevalent – so make important food safety observations. Likewise, when preparing and cooking food, follow proper food safety procedures to prevent people from becoming sick.