Food Safety for People with Weakened Immune Systems

Cancer, diabetes, liver disease, and treatments like chemotherapy can weaken your body’s ability to fight germs. Fight back against food poisoning and learn how to protect yourself and those you care for during National Food Safety Education month.

Food Safety During and After Power Outages

When the electricity or power goes out, many people wonder if they can still eat what was left in their refrigerator or freezer. Health officials state: “When in doubt, throw it out!” There are some additional steps you should take:

Food Safety and the Dangers of Garden Flooding

Produce cannot safely be salvaged in flooded areas. Flood waters can be contaminated with oil, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, raw sewage, farm animal waste, agricultural run-off, pathogens, bacteria and other biohazards – and can create foodborne illness or food poisoning.

Food Safety Tips for Power Outages

When your home loses power, one of your first concerns should be any perishable food on hand. A power outage is not only a nuisance, but can make some foods in the freezer and refrigerator unsafe to eat.

Food Safety During Weather Emergencies

If your power goes out due to extreme weather, knowing how to determine if food is safe and how to keep food safe will help minimize the potential loss of food and reduce the risk of foodborne illness.