National Soup Month Food Safety

To prevent food illness with a big batch of soup, follow important food safety principles and procedures for preparing, cooling and storing it.

Food Safety During Holiday Traveling

Learn more about food safety during traveling. Best practices include: keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold, using insulated bags, and fully packing the coolers.

New Years Party Food Safety

New Years holiday parties usually include food. To protect your guests from foodborne illnesses, follow important food safety procedures and principles. Holiday Party Food Safety Tips.

Year of Increased Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

2018 saw a large increase in foodborne illness outbreaks. There were 24 outbreaks investigated by the CDC. This is the highest number compared to the past 12 years; easily doubling and tripling previous years.

Turkey Food Safety Tips

Since people only cook a turkey during the holiday season, they forget the safe procedures in the preparation and cooking a turkey to avoid food illness.