Food Contamination and Foodborne Illness

Food contamination refers to food that has been defiled by a harmful microorganism, toxin, substance, or object. Foodborne illnesses are generally categorized by the type of illness they create, but the most common result of infections from biological agents is gastroenteritis – inflammation of the stomach and small intestine.

Turkey Food Safety Tips for the Holidays

Turkeys can contain harmful bacteria that can be spread by improper handling and are only destroyed by properly cooking the turkey to a safe internal minimum temperature.
To avoid making people sick, follow proper food safety procedures for a food safe holiday season.

Food Handler ANSI Training $7.00

Nationally-accepted ANSI certification food handler training for employees in the food service industry who are involved in preparing, storing, or handling of food.

November – Celebration of Food and Eating Safely

November is a time of celebration bringing family and friends together around foods. But it does not have to be a season of food illness. Take a few simple steps to celebrate preparing and handling food safely.

National Nacho Day and Food Safety

National Nacho Day is November 6th! If you plan on having your own fiesta and making your world famous nachos – it’s a good time to brush up on the proper food safety skills.
Also, use the hashtag #NationalNachosDay to find restaurant deals or post your own delicious creations.

Ground Beef Food Safety

All meat potentially contains harmful bacteria that—if not destroyed by cooking to a proper temperature—can cause foodborne illness.
Also, if bacteria are present when beef is ground, then more of the meat surface is exposed to the harmful bacteria.

National Sandwich Day and Food Safety

November 3rd is National Sandwich Day! A great time to check out the sandwich specials and discounts, but also to brush up on food safety in the preparation and care of perishable foods. Sandwiches can contain perishable foods, which if not handled properly, can result in foodborne illness.
Also, use #NationalSandwichDay on social media to find sandwich day special deals and promotions.

Food Safety for Date Night Dining Out

Weekend dinner and a movie night! While relaxing and enjoying your night out, don’t let your guard down when it comes to food safety.
Your food can get contaminated anywhere – no matter who prepares the meal or where you eat it. And leftovers are only safe for 2 hours at room temperature and won’t last through a movie.

Food Safety for Dia de los Muertos Parties

Hosting a El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) party and cooking for groups – where foods are left out for long periods – leaves the door open for uninvited guests. While remembering the departed, don’t also invite in bacteria that can cause foodborne illness.