Healthy Eating and Food Safety

If eating healthier is one of your new year’s priorities, keep in mind that proper nutrition is not the same thing as having safe food. To ensure your healthy food is safe, always follow proper food safety principles and procedures to also prevent foodborne illness.

Food Recalls and Alerts

If it seems foodborne illness outbreaks and food recalls have been increasing – it’s because they have been. A food recall occurs when there is reason to believe that a food may cause consumers to become ill.

Pasta Safety on National Spaghetti Day

January 4 is National Spaghetti Day! Fill a big bowl, and cover it your favorite sauce, and dig in! But, don’t forget food safety if you have leftovers. Once pasta is cooked and begins to cool, bacteria, called Bacillus cereus, grows quickly and toxins are formed which can cause food illness.

National Soup Month and Food Safety

January is National Soup Month and a great time to make a large hot kettle of soup to warm you up. Soups require special food safe cooling and storage procedures, so as to prevent food illness. Hot foods bound for the refrigerator or freezer must be cooled quickly, so as to decrease the chances for harmful bacteria to grow, keeping your food safe to eat.

New Year's Traditional Dishes and Food Safety

Black-eyed peas and beans are some of the typical traditional foods served on New Year’s Day and symbolize wealth and are thought to bring luck and prosperity.
But, beans need to be cooked properly or a food illness will occur. Uncooked beans contain a natural protein toxin which is harmful to humans and causes food illness. This toxin is only neutralized by cooking beans at boiling temperature.

Food Safety Principles and Procedures

Start off the New Year with a better understanding of food safety! It is very important to understand what, why, and how foods can make you sick, but more importantly, the food safe principles and procedures to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Food Safety for Catering and Buffets

Are you having a buffet catered for your New Years celebration? Choose a food safe caterer and make sure they follow food safety procedures so that the occasion is not ruined with a food illness.

Juice Safety for New Year's Detox

A juice cleanse is a tasty way to detoxify your body. But, as beneficial as raw juice may be, the raw produce can contain harmful foodborne bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, or Listeria.
There are some important food safety principles and procedures you should follow when making raw juice to prevent food illness.

Food Safety for Football Watch Parties

Having a Bowl Game watch party for your favorite team? Good friends – great food – sounds like a fun time right?
But don’t let your party be remembered for food illness penalty. Follow a food safety playbook to help keep your football party food both safe and delicious!