Ground Beef – Grilling Food Safety

Grilling burgers over the summer months? Use these simple tricks to know when your burgers are done. Remember, when a hamburger is cooked to 160 ºF, it is both safe & delicious!

Food Safety for Grilling and BBQ

Practice proper food safety grilling methods this summer to avoid foodborne illnesses and keep your summer festivities safe with these tips.

National Hamburger Month and Food Safety

Did you know May is National Hamburger Month? There are many ways to make a hamburger, but only one way to keep it safe! Remember, using a food thermometer is the only way to make sure your burgers are safe. Cook to 160°F or above!

Grilling Food Safety and Guidelines

It’s important to follow outdoor food grilling safety guidelines to prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying and causing foodborne illness. Use these simple guidelines for grilling food safely:

Dangers of Norovirus in Raw Shellfish

Shellfish (oysters, clams, mussels) pose the greatest risk to be contaminated with norovirus. Because shellfish are filter feeders, they become contaminated when their waters are polluted with raw sewage. To ensure proper food safety, raw shellfish must be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 145°F or 15 seconds.

Food Safety for People with Diabetes

Food safety is important for people living with diabetes. Diabetes can affect various organs and systems of the body, causing them not to function properly, and making a person more susceptible to infection and food illness.

Food Safety Principles and Procedures

It is very important to understand what, why, and how foods can make you sick, but more importantly, the food safe principles and procedures to prevent foodborne illnesses.