Food Safety for Cancer Patients

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Food safety is important for people living with cancer because it is easier for them to become ill. Cancer treatments weaken the body’s immune system that protects against disease and germs.

Food Safety for National Pizza Month

National Pizza Month occurs annually every October and is a great time to celebrate America’s favorite food – but also a perfect time to practice safe food principles and practices when it comes to leftovers.

Food Safety for Halloween Parties

Hosting a Halloween party for friends and family? A Halloween party can be a lot of fun, but don’t let food illness ruin the memorable occasion. Follow these simple food safety tips:

Pasta Food Safety Tips on National Pasta Day

On National Pasta Day, it’s not only a great time to enjoy one of the 600 pasta types, but also a perfect time to practice food safety when storing pasta leftovers. Food safety tips and deals on pasta.

Proper Handwashing and Food Safety

Hand washing is essential in preventing contamination of food by food handlers. Harmful bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and other viruses or toxins present on the hands of food workers are removed by proper hand washing techniques.

Halloween Party & Candy Food Safety Tips

Halloween season can bring friends and family fun and many scares, but don’t let one of those scares be food illness. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or just going trick-or-treating, educating yourself on the proper food safety practices will help prevent foodborne illness.

Sports Tailgating Food Safety Tips

Making tailgate party plans for the football game? Good friends – great food – sounds like an awesome time right? Because tailgate parties are usually all-day food fests and grilling extravaganzas, they’re also a time of increased risk of food poisoning.

Farmers Markets and Food Safety

A farmer’s market is a great way to get locally-grown, fresh fruit, vegetables, and other foods. Unfortunately, several cases of foodborne illness have been connected with food from farmer’s markets. To prevent food illness, follow important food safety procedures.

Selecting and Serving Safe Seafood

Follow basic food safety tips for buying, preparing, and storing fish and shellfish — and you and your family can safely enjoy the fine taste and good nutrition of seafood.