Food Safety Tips for College Students

When it comes to safely preparing meals, many college kids simply don’t know what it takes to make the grade in food safety, and many end up with a foodborne illness.

Beach Food Safety Tips

Going to the beach? While preparing for the heat – also plan ahead for food safety. While packing your lunches, remember to pack at least 2 cold sources to help your food stay safe throughout the whole day.

National Sandwich Month and Food Safety

August is National Sandwich Month – a great time not only to try a different type of sandwich, but to also practice food safety before children go off to school.

Produce food safety and the dangers of Cyclospora

Fresh produce contaminated with Cyclospora can make people sick. Wash fruits, vegetables, and herbs thoroughly under running water before eating, cutting, or cooking to help prevent Cyclospora infection.

Farmers Markets and Food Safety

A farmer’s market is a great way to get locally-grown, fresh fruit, vegetables, and other foods. Unfortunately, several cases of foodborne illness have been connected with fruits and vegetables. Follow these easy food safety tips:

Types of Food Facilities or Establishments

“Food facility”, “food establishment, or “food service establishment” all refer to an operation that stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends, or otherwise provides food for human consumption at the retail level.

Food Safety Tips for Cutting Boards

Keep food safety in mind when it comes to one particular kitchen tool – the cutting board. If not cleaned and sanitized properly, cutting boards will harbor harmful bacteria.

Food Safety for Diabetes Patients

A diabetic patient’s immune system may not immediately recognize harmful foodborne pathogens increasing a person’s risk for infection.