Food Safety Observations for Dining Out

Need a break from the holidays – to enjoy a delicious meal prepared for you – and maybe take in a movie?
However, just because someone else cooked for you, doesn’t mean you can let your guard down when it comes to food safety. Also, remember, leftovers are only safe for 2 hours at room temperature and won’t last through a movie.

Penalty-Free Food Safety Super Bowl Party

By following basic rules from a food safety playbook, you’ll provide the best defense to avoid letting your teammates get sacked by food illness this Super Bowl. You may also get voted as MVP for being the best Super Bowl party host!

Keeping Carry-in Lunches Safe

Whether it’s to school or work, millions of people carry in their lunches. If food brought from home and is not prepared, packed, and stored properly – bacteria growth can occur in as little as two hours – and cause food illness.

Poultry Safety and Grading

Consumers need to have confidence that the national meat and poultry supply is safe, wholesome, correctly labeled, and packaged.
The USDA is responsible for the safety of meat, poultry, and egg products.

Food Safety for Sports Party Catering

Are you hiring a caterer or having a buffet for the big game? Make sure that the occasion is remembered for the great game and not a food illness.
Food safety is essential for those preparing and serving food for large groups of people. Before hiring a caterer, learn more about the staff and if they understand food safety.

Food Safety for College Students

College students are under a lot of pressure and they often get their meals the quickest and easiest way possible. When it comes to safely preparing meals, many college kids simply don’t know what it takes to make the grade in food safety, and many end up with a foodborne illness.

Food Safety for Chinese New Year Group Cooking

Happy Chinese New Year! Corresponding with the first new moon of the year, it is also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival.
One of the popular ways to honor Chinese New Year is with a giant, family-style, reunion meal. However, this type of food service – where foods are left out for long periods – leaves the door open bacteria that cause food illness.

Refrigerators and Dangerous Listeria Infections

Listeria survive and multiply at lower (refrigerator) temperatures. It is important to keep a refrigerator clean and at a safe temperature – so Listeria doesn’t have a place to grow and then spread to other foods.
Listeria infections are especially dangerous to pregnant women, children, older adults, and people with weakened immune systems.

Pie Safety on National Pie Day

National Pie Day is observed annually on Jan 23rd. Cooking and storing pies safely is important because harmful bacteria can grow in certain pies kept at room temperature, especially when the ingredients include milk and eggs.

Food Safety for MLK Jr. Day Group Cooking

Preparing for a festive Martin Luther King Jr. Day event? During this special day, people will gather together in celebration and also enjoy tasty food. But, cooking for groups – where foods are left out for long periods – leaves the door open for bacteria which can cause a food illness.