Food Safety for Summer Outings

During summer outings, warmer temperatures, humidity, and lack of home safety controls make situations favorable for bacteria to be uninvited guests during camping, hiking, cookouts, picnics and even road trips.

Food Safety While Camping and Hiking

Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends while taking in the great outdoors. As you set up your tent and pots and pans, don’t neglect your food safety routine. The food safety principles and procedures you follow when at home don’t change because you are outdoors.

Road Trip Food Safety

Time for a family vacation! Going on a road trip? Don’t forget to pack your food safety knowledge so your experience can be memorable for the right reasons.

Food Safety Tips for National Picnic Day

National Picnic Day (April 23rd) is a great day for everyone to enjoy a meal outside. If you’re planning a picnic with friends or family, make sure you follow certain food safety principles and procedures to ensure foodborne illness does not intrude into your fun.

Food Safety for Holiday Raw Ground Beef Dishes

People in the Midwest enjoy a holiday favorite – raw ground beef – also know as “cannibal sandwiches” or “tiger meat”. Eating raw or undercooked ground beef and eggs poses a health risk.

Ground Turkey Burgers and Food Safety

Ground turkey burgers are becoming increasingly more popular as a tasty grilling option. Turkey is considered a leaner meat and is a good option for a healthier diet by reducing the amount of saturated fats consumed. However, you must follow important guidelines to properly handle and cook raw turkey meat to ensure food safety.

National Grilling Month – Food Safety

National Grilling Month is here! Prevent harmful bacteria from making an appearance at your next cookout by following important food safe guidelines for a safe grilling season.

Food Safety Tips for National Grilling Month

July is National Grilling Month! Food poisoning peaks in the summer months when warmer temperatures cause foodborne germs to flourish. Prevent harmful bacteria from making an appearance at your next cookout and follow simple steps for a safe and enjoyable grilling season.