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Dangers of Listeria

Listeria is a harmful foodborne bacteria found in ready-to-eat and unpasteurized (raw) milk and milk products – and can cause invasive severe human illness (listeriosis) in susceptible people.
Unlike most bacteria, Listeria survive and multiply at lower (refrigerator) temperatures – which allows it to reach levels high enough to cause illness. 
Pregnant women run a serious risk of becoming ill from the bacteria Listeria – which can cause miscarriage, or create illness, or death, of the newborn baby.

Food Safety for National Chicken Month

Americans buy and consume more chicken than any other food. September was designated National Chicken Month to promote chicken consumption in what was a typically a slow month for chicken sales.
Chicken may be the most consumed protein, but it also causes more people to become sick.
Learn more about the safe handling, preparation, and serving of chicken and poultry to prevent foodborne illness.

Food Safety for Chicken

Raw chicken and poultry may contain harmful bacteria – such as salmonella, listeria, and campylobacter – and washing it does not remove the bacteria.
This bacteria can also be spread to other items and food – if proper procedures are not followed. The only way to kill bacteria on chicken is by cooking it to a safe internal temperature – as measured by a food thermometer.