Pumpkin and Holiday Pie Food Safety

National Pumpkin Day is observed annually on October 26th. Pumpkin pies are made with perishable foods, such as eggs and milk, so they must be handled properly and then cooked to a safe internal temperature of 160°F.

Food Safety for Halloween Parties

Hosting your own Halloween party? Even ghosts and ghouls should follow basic food safe preparation and cooking rules.
This type of party – where foods are left out for long periods – leaves the door open for uninvited guests – bacteria that can cause foodborne illness.

Unpasteurized Apple Cider and Food Illness

Beware of spooky cider! Unpasteurized apple cider and other juices can contain harmful bacteria that can make people sick. Without pasteurization, or some other heat treatment to kill bacteria, pathogens can remain in the juice or cider.

Halloween Party & Candy Food Safety Tips

Halloween season can bring friends and family fun and many scares, but don’t let one of those scares be food illness. Educate yourself on spook-tacular food safety, while impressing all your guests on the most frightening night of the year!

Food Safety for Power Outages

After a power outage, it is important for people to know what food is still safe in their refrigerator or freezer.
Knowing how to determine if food is safe after a loss of power – will help minimize the loss of food and reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

International Chef's Day and Food Safety

International Chef’s Day is a time to honor the knowledge, hard work, and creativity chefs use to create and prepare delicious recipes.
Find out more about the job outlook and wages for chefs and use the hashtag #InternationalChefsDay to honor a chef on social media.

Wedding Reception Food Safety

Fall weddings continue to grow in popularity, and the most popular wedding day of this year falls on October 19th.
Don’t overlook a very important part of the celebration – food safety. To help prevent food illness from happening at your wedding reception, it is important to put some research into food safety and which questions to ask the caterer for your big day.

Food Safety for Packing School Lunches

The second full week of October is National School Lunch Week (NSLW) and promotes the importance of a healthy school lunch in a child’s life and the impact it has inside and outside of the classroom.
Are you packing your child’s lunches? This week is the perfect week to brush up on your food safe packing skills. Send your kids to school with healthy and safe lunches.

Pasta Food Safety on National Pasta Day

National Pasta Day is October 16th! A day that celebrates the 600 pasta types, but also a perfect time to learn about food safety with pasta. Once pasta is cooked and begins to cool, a bacteria (Bacillus cereus) can grow and form toxins which cause foodborne illness.
Also, use the hashtag #NationalPastaDay on social media to find deals on pasta.

World Food Day – Food Security and Safety

World Food Day Held annually on 16th October. Established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, it endeavors to encourage people from around the world come together for the purpose of wasting less food, eating better, and adopting a sustainable lifestyle to help achieve a world free of hunger.
Share the hashtag #WorldFoodDay on social media and take action to achieve healthy and safe diets for a Zero Hungry World.