Catfish Month – Seafood Safety Tips

U.S. farm-raised catfish is consistently high quality and, unlike ocean-caught fish, is available all-year long at a price unaffected by external environmental conditions. Catfish, as with any seafood though, requires certain safe handling to reducing the risk of foodborne illness.

Road Trip Food Safety

Going on a road trip? Don’t forget to pack your food safety knowledge so your trip can be memorable for the right reasons.

Summer Heat Food Safety Quiz

The summer brings out everyone’s barbecue grills. Grill masters should take extra care and always follow proper food safety practices when cooking outdoors. Take our free quiz to brush up on your food safety skills.

Accreditation – Food Safety Certificate and Certifications Programs

Food safety certification and training providers are required to have their programs to be assessed at a set level of instructional quality from an accrediting body – with required annual audits and updates.
The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education and training meets appropriate levels of instructional quality.

Back to School Food Safety

Children are at an increased risk to a foodborne illness because a child’s immune system is not as developed as an adult’s.
If you plan to prepare and pack food for your child – extra care must be taken with perishable food to prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause illness.

Food Safety – Be Prepared for Tropical Weather

The key to food and water safety during and after a natural disaster or weather emergency – is being prepared and having a plan.
Knowing how to keep food safe (before a disaster occurs) and how to determine if food is safe (after the disaster) will help minimize the potential loss of food and reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

State Fair – Food Vendor Safety Training

To prepare and sell food at fairs and festivals, typically a food vendor need a vendor’s license or food handler’s permit – and there should to be a person-in-charge – food manager certified.

Food and Fire Safety for Grilling

Are you going to celebrate the weekend by throwing a grilling party? Make sure you have a plan that includes food safety and fire safety.
Practicing proper food and fire safety principles and procedures are the keys to having a safe weekend full of fun, food, and family time!

Consider Food Safety When Eating Out

According to the CDC, meals prepared outside of the home are at an increased risk for acquiring foodborne illness. So, it is very important to make some basic food safety observations when eating out.
Food can get contaminated anywhere – so it’s important to observe food safety practices when dining out – no matter who prepares the meal or where you eat it.

Food and Fire Safety for Grill Masters

Grill masters, make sure you brush up on proper food and fire safety practices before firing up the grill.
Cooking outdoors in warm weather presents a food safety challenge. Not not only does bacteria multiply faster in warmer temperatures, but preparing food outdoors makes safe food handling more challenging.